Mobile First (M1) + Responsive (R) + Google Centric (GX) Websites + eCARmerce (eCAR)
M1+R+GX+eCAR = The Most Advanced Car Dealer Websites in Existence.
+ Fully Responsive
Our responsive car dealer website technology optimizes and resizes automatically across smartphones, tablet and the web. Integrated responsive dealer websites are a crucial component of modern website design. DealerActive has the capability to transpose your car dealership's website from personal computer to smartphone to desktop to tablet without sacrificing the functionality or format of the corresponding website design. DealerActive's responsive automotive website technology has set the bar high in the auto industry. Utilizing this modern design, we help you captivate your targeted audience and then engage them.
+ Easy Website Content Management
At DealerActive, we not only manage your websites, but we give clients control over their car dealer websites. Imagine having one, easy-to-navigate dealer dashboard, where you can control your banner ad rotations, CRM leads, Display Advertising, page content, and more. DealerActive’s content management system provides all of the information and tools you need relating to the success of your online marketing strategy. At DealerActive, we offer a personal working relationship as well as a turnkey service that keeps your website pages fresh and appropriate that meets all of your car dealer website design and industry standard needs!
+ Digital Marketing
DealerActive offers your dealership website instant offers, incredible graphics, and responsive website designs for your car dealer website. We offer a monthly service that keeps your website and homepage up to date that puts your specials and deals where your prospects can see them the instant they visit your website.
+ eCARmerce
Online car buying software, eCARmerce produces high-quality leads, feed management, daily vehicle and feature posting, pricing updates, and daily removal of sold vehicles. eCARmerce makes sure your internet vehicle listings have a clear call-to-action message everywhere they appear on your car dealer website. The online car buying tool is branded to your car dealership’s website design to ensure customers never leave your page while shopping for their car. eCARmerce takes care of all your customer’s online car buying needs.
Comprehensive Inventory Search Our universal inventory search bar allows your customers to search for any make, model, manufacturer, year, and even color. They’ll be directed to vehicles on your lot matching the search criteria, making your dealership home page an integrated inventory search tool.
+ Proud Google Partner
DealerActive is proud to say we are a Google Partners business. We work with Google to ensure all of our clients have a Google Green PageSpeed score, and use strategies such as retargeting to segment traffic on your car dealer website and accurately provide banner ads to consumers that previously expressed interest in a specific vehicle or your dealership. We work directly with Google to help maintain the highest levels of quality and achieve greater ROI for our clients and their car dealer websites.
+ Geo-Targeted Ads and Campaigns
DealerActive focuses on geographically specific data that targets the demographic and customer at the right time and place the catalyst for increasing sales and traffic to your car dealer website. DealerActive utilizes specialized performance markers and strategy to analyze and promote your dealerships performance using settings such as Region, Metro Area and City.
+ SEO, SEM, & Google Green Guarantee
DealerActive implements quantifiable result-driven technology and strategy to help poise your car dealership website in the optimum position for success and sales. We utilize targeted directed strategies and enhanced search engine optimization techniques that reflect your dealerships individual needs. Our dedicated team works together to analyze performance markers while constantly refining and honing your digital marketing campaign for maximum impact.

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